About Valent-ICE

Valent-ICE is a winter festival to celebrate the reason why we choose to live in Michigan- because the ice and snow can be pretty spectacular.  

Some cities have found ways to capture the energy and beauty that the cold can bring. Last year, Downtown Grand Rapids Inc. (DGRI) began laying the groundwork to use the weather to our advantage. We commissioned a 3,000 lb. ice sculpture to be carved during the lunch hour by Rosa Parks Circle. The public voted on what sculpture design they wanted to see, and the top choice was revealed on a Wednesday afternoon. Downtown workers came to witness the carving and those on the street stopped to see what was happening. Then on Valentine’s Day, hundreds of couples waited to have a moment to capture a photo of themselves with the icy winter scene. 

This year, with the help of our community partners, we've raised the stakes and the impact. We hope you enjoy this year's Valent-ICE event,

A special thanks goes out to our event sponsors:



About the "Ice Gurus"

With extensive culinary training and more than 20 successful years in the ice sculpting business, friends and business partners Randy Finch and Derek Maxfield own and operate Ice Sculptures Ltd in Grand Rapids, MI. Together with their team, they ideate and execute out-of-this-world ice sculptures that have been featured on national television, recognized in industry media, and included at movie premieres, celebrity galas, concerts and sporting events. Their extraordinary talents and projects are captured on Food Network’s primetime series, Ice Brigade, following the team as they make awe-inspiring interactive creations like pool tables, bowling lanes, grand pianos, carousels and putt-putt courses.

To learn more about Randy and his team, go to their website at


About Downtown Grand Rapids Inc. 

Our mission is to make Grand Rapids the most admired, emulated, attractive, and well-run city of its size in the nation - with an unsurpassed reputation as a forward-thiking, bright spot to watch for how to do 'Downtown'. You can stay up to date on our investments and events by following us on Facebook!